$4.75 USD

RuxEco Weatherseal D Profile ssuitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. This self-adhesive, medium-compression tape forms tight seals for enhanced energy efficiency. Engineered to remain flexible, it won't harden, crack, or freeze even at temperatures dipping to -40°. Impressively resilient, it bounces back to shape even after prolonged exposure to cold weather. This EPDM rubber foam is available in white and brown colors. Ideal for placement around doors and windows, it's a valuable tool in energy loss prevention and draft blocking. Simple DIY home installation ensures you save energy and money all year long.


  • Fills medium to narrow gaps effectively.
  • Width 5/16" W, Height 1/4", Length 17 Feet
  • Remains resilient in subfreezing conditions.
  • Comes in a brown and white color.
  • Offers significant energy and cost savings.