Door Weatherstripping Kit : What and Why?

Sam James


What is It?

A door jam weatherstripping kit is a set of materials used to attach to the sides and top edges of doors jambs to seal leaks around the door. The kit typically includes a foam or rubber strip that is held by an aluminum or vinyl frame/container. The kit is comprised of a shorter piece for the top of the door, and two  longer side pieces. All three pieces can easily be cut to fit the perimeter of the door frame and it attached to it using nails.

Why Use It?

Door Weatherstripping kits are commonly used to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings by reducing air leakages around doors. They can help lower heating and cooling costs. and also improve indoor air quality by preventing dust and pollutants from entering the building.

 Most newer homes have a kerf slot on the door jamb so that weatherstripping can be directly inserted into the kerf, which is a groove or slot in the door frame. This creates a seal around the perimeter of the door.  

However, some doors, especially in older homes do not have built in kerf slots.  Fortunately,  using a door weatherstripping kit can accomplish the same thing and will effectively prevent air leakages through the door.

Older doors may also have irregularities due to warping or house settling resulting in large gaps.

A vinyl clad foam weatherstripping kit will fill those gaps and allow flexiblity against the odor.


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