Interior Storm Windows: Your Key to a Cozy, Energy-Efficient Home

Interior Storm Windows: Your Key to a Cozy, Energy-Efficient Home

Sam Knauff

Are you considering ways to enhance your home's energy efficiency and comfort while staying within a budget? Interior storm windows could be the solution you're looking for. These versatile window additions provide the advantages of reducing air drafts and energy savings. However, the cost can vary widely based on your choice of type. In this article, we'll explore the different types of interior storm windows available on the market and their unique features.

Magnetic Interior Storm Windows

One popular option is magnetic interior storm windows. These innovative additions are designed to attach seamlessly to your existing window frame using powerful magnets. Typically made from glass or acrylic panels, they provide an extra layer of insulation. Installation is relatively straightforward, as they easily adhere to metal window frames with magnetic strips. However, their use is somewhat limited because they are primarily compatible with metal window frames, relying on the magnetic properties of both the frame and the storm window for secure attachment. So if you have wood or vinyl window frames, these probably are not a good choice.

Ease of Installation: 3/5 (5 being easiest)

Cost: $$$

Removable Interior Storm Windows

As the name suggests, removable interior storm windows are designed for easy removal and reinstallation as needed. They usually consist of a framed panel with a clear or insulated glass or plastic insert. Installation involves securing the frame into place using adhesives or a compression fit. These windows offer flexibility, allowing homeowners to add an extra layer of insulation during the colder months and remove it in the summer. Removable interior storm windows are suitable for a wide range of window styles and sizes and are a very cost effective solution.

Ease of Installation: 4/5

Cost: $$

Interior Shrink-Fit Window Film

While not a traditional window, interior shrink-fit window film is worth mentioning as an alternative to physical interior storm windows. This transparent film is applied directly to the window frame using double sided tape and shrunk to fit using a hairdryer, creating an airtight seal. It is a cost-effective option for reducing drafts and improving insulation temporarily. Interior shrink-fit window film is an ideal solution for those seeking a non-permanent, budget-friendly option. It is however, not an eco-friendly option as the plastic film is designed for single use only.

Ease of Installation: 5/5

Cost: $

Custom-Built Interior Storm Windows

For homeowners with unique window sizes or shapes, custom-built interior storm windows provide an excellent option. These storm windows are tailor-made to fit specific windows, providing optimal insulation and aesthetics. While they may be more expensive than off-the-shelf options, custom-built interior storm windows ensure a precise fit and performance. They can give the homeowner greater options of material (wood, metal, vinyl) and finishes/colors. They are also more time consuming as the materials will need to be cut to measurements and assembled, often requiring 2 people to finish the job.

Ease of Installation: 2/5

Cost: $$$$

When it comes to ease of installation and cost-effectiveness, removable interior storm windows appear to have an edge. However, each type has its unique advantages and may be better suited to particular situations. It's crucial to carefully consider your options and priorities before making an informed decision.

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